5/ Douleur

Horaire et mode de début / Time and mod of onset

When did the pain start ? At what time ? At what date ?

Did the pain begin little by little ? Suddenly ?

Is the interval between the meal and the pain always the same ?

Straight after the meal ? An hour after ?


Intensité / Severity

Does the pain prevent you from carrying out your activities ?

Does it force you to go to bed ?

Did you have to call the doctor beacause of the pain ?

Did you have to take painkillers (antalgiques) ?

Does the pain wake you up at night ? Does it prevent you from sleeping ?

Does it force you to lie still (rester coucher) ?

Does it force you to roll around seeking a comfortable position ?


Type / Nature

Is it just a mild (léger) discomfort ? 

Is it a nagging pain (douleur récurrente) ?

Do you feel a burning sensation ?

Is it a stabbing pain (douleur aigüe) ? Is it throbbing (palpitations) ? Is it constricting ?

Do you have a bursting feeling ?

Is it a colic ? (a pain that comes and goes, and migrate)

Do you feel a gripping sensation (douleur étouffante) ?


Evolution  / Progression of the pain

Does it begin at its maximum intensity and remain (reste) at this level until it disappears (jusqu'à ce que cela disparaisse) ?

Does it increase steadily (régulièrement) ?

If it began at its peak (son maximum) does it decline slowly ?

Does it fluctuate ? (it comes and goes and starts again)


Cessation / The end of the pain

Did the pain end spontaneously ?

Or as the result of some action: by yourself ? by your doctor ? 

Did the pain cease (cesse) ? Suddenly ?