4/ Appareil digestif

Habitude alimentaire / Diet

What type of food do you eat: meat ? fish ? dairy products (produits laitiers) ? vegetables ? cereals ? sweets ? everything ?

Are you teeth good ?

Appétit / Appetite 

Do you have a good appetite ?

Has your appetite increased ? Has your appetite decreased ?

Has it remained unchanged ?

If your appetite has decreased is it due: the lack of desire to eat ? the apprehension of getting fat ? to any special food dislike ?


Déglutition / Swallowing

Do you have any difficulty in swallowing ? 

What type of food causes difficulty ? Solids ? Liquids ? 

At which level does the food stick (bloque) ? (show me with your hand)

For how long have you been complaining of this: years ? months ? days ? hours ?

Is it getting any worse ?

Is swallowing painful ?


Nausées / Nausea

Do you have nausea ?

Do you feel sick ?


Vomissements / Vomiting

Do you often vomit ?

How many times ? Per hour ? Per day ? Per month ?

What is the nature of your vomiting: recognizable food ? digested food ? bile stained fluid ? clear acidic fluid ?

Did you vomit large quantities ?

Is the vomiting preceded by another symptom such as: nausea ? pain ? (does it relieve the pain ?) headache ? dizziness (vertiges) ?

Do you ever vomit blood ?

Do you feel uncomfortable after eating ?

Do you suffer from any abdominal pain ? (pain in the stomach)

Where does it hurt ?